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Minor Counties, Current Employment Statistics

Current Month's Data

(With over-the-year changes)


Historical Estimates

The entire set of currently available historical NAICS-based jobs data for New York State, metropolitan statistical areas (MSAs), and minor counties (outside of MSAs) is available by downloading the file, This compressed archive consists of a layout file (readme.txt) and the following comma-separated-value (CSV) data files:

Historical NAICS-based Job Data
File Name Description
ces_naics.txt Jobs data for New York State and MSAs
ces_minor.txt Jobs data for minor counties
ces_earnings.txt Average weekly earnings by industry (statewide only) of:
  • all workers
  • production workers
ces_hourearn.txt Average hourly earnings by industry (statewide only) of:
  • all workers
  • production workers
ces_hours.txt Average weekly hours by industry (statewide only) of:
  • all workers
  • production workers

All files can be uncompressed with either the winzip or pkunzip utility programs. 

Important Notice
Nonfarm employment estimates for minor areas (counties outside of metropolitan areas) from April 2020-December 2021 were revised as part of the annual benchmarking process, and released on the New York State Department of Labor web site on March 10, 2022.

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) regulations require that minor area employment estimates be presented separately from estimates for statewide and metropolitan areas, which are prepared following BLS-approved sampling procedures and methodologies.

Questions regarding the revised employment estimates should be directed to your local labor market analyst.

Nonfarm employment estimates--by place of work--provide the most up-to-date employment estimates available by industry for counties outside of metropolitan statistical areas. Estimates are based on the NAICS industry classification system. Current minor area estimates are developed and distributed monthly. Historic NAICS-based employment data for minor areas are available back to 1990.

The following minor area employment estimates are based on the monthly Current Employment Statistics (CES) survey sampling methodology: total nonfarm employment; total private sector employment; and government employment. All other minor area employment estimates are based on the historic seasonal employment patterns for each industry, not on the CES survey.

For more information concerning Current Employment by Industry, see Technical Notes. For additional information on the various sources of employment data, see comparing sources of employment data.

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